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This website is very diverse in its content though unified though its concepts of human rights and justice for all. It is hoped it will be of interest and of practical assistance to the white knights and altruists of this planet. It is they who are the whistleblowers, they are those who fight not only for their own rights but for the good of all. They frequently fight doggedly regardless of the cost to themselves. They are the hope of survival of humanity.

This work is dedicated to them and to those who stand valiantly alongside them

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Disclaimer: This publication and its associated sites is intended to inform the public and whistleblowers. Nothing contained in this website is to be taken to be a substitute for legal or professional advice. The author expressly disclaims liability to any person or entity for the consequences of anything done or omitted to be done in reliance in whole or in part of the contents of these publications.  The material contained herein is the result of observations and experience.