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Epistemology in 3 Dimensions


  1. What we now have is a model of Total Knowledge with the. third dimension of depth.
  2. The basic unit of this model is the free ATOM of information these are represented in the top right and centre bottom sectors of the model. These atoms of information may be large or small random thoughts or observed events. I would suggest that as long as there is conscious sentience there is almost inevitability thought. The ancient Indian schools of yoga which may even be pre Vedic seek to have the yogi at the sixth stage able to clear the mind of all thought. As this is virtually impossible the task is to concentrate on a single object. This would seem to indicate that the conscious sentient brain even if only due to the firing of neurons must think and perceive.


"A fool sat beneath an olive tree and a wondrous thought had he

Why be content with an olive when I could have the tree

Why be content with the tree when I could have the grove

And then he went to sleep because he was a fool."

3.The atoms coalesce where there is attraction and these form the molecules of information. Here the atoms are gathered and they may take an almost infinite number of forms and shapes.

3a There are the straight lines which encapsulate the Aristotolean and current University models

3b There are the DNA strand types as shown centre top and middle right which I would suggest are an advance on the University models as they allow greater contact and growth and would tend to generate more innovation and new and different combinations of knowledge

3c Amongst the most highly adaptive would be the Carbon atom types such as that at centre and bottom top. As in the physical world this has been a most productive type with a huge potential for variations.

3d In the left middle sector I have included an areas type structure to represent the Zetetic type of organization developed by Tykociner.

Certain molecules of information because of their mass or other qualities of attraction may gather other atoms of information. These may be fleeting or temporary, or they may become stable and permanent integrated components of the molecule of information. If the information is valid then the bonding or valency.

Adding the Fourth Dimension

Aspect 1

1. Motion and time are the fourth dimension. Already in what has been described there is the inference of motion. Atoms and molecules in the real physical world are in constant motion, I suggest it is the same in the mental universe of knowledge. Para2 above speaks of the atoms of information, The electrons are in constant motion.

  1. The dimension of motion is fundamental to the transmission of information. It is in this manner that new molecules are formed unstable ones break down and that the overall volume of information available is increased

3 The sum total of information available to the inhabitants of our world is expanded in this model by the formation of new molecules of information. As long as there is transmission of the new information, and that new information is stable then it has increased volume of the sphere. The analogy can be made to an expanding balloon

  1. If there is further transmission of the information and cloning of the molecule then it expands and the whole of the sphere expands further. This cloning may take place by the entity which has created the new information communicating it to others.


Aspect 2

1 This involves the overall direction of motion of the information atoms and molecules

2 the direction may be

a. Random,

b. Influenced positively or negatively this is indicated by + or with the strength by the number of signs e.g. I+++ or I- -

c. Directed this may be indicated similarly to b. above e.g. D++ or perhaps D

Aspect 3

  1. This involves the potential nature of the information molecule or compound
  2. Initially all new information is amoral. Morality is imposed by the observer or the user ( in this there are elements of quantum physics, in that the mind of the observer may influence the movement or nature of a photon)
  3. This aspect may be indicated in the model by the shape of an envelope surrounding the information atom, molecule or compound.


Adding a 5th Dimension The ETHOS


All of the movement within the sphere takes place within what I will call an ETHOS.

The features of ASPECT 1 of the Ethos are :

1 Different areas of the ethos have different viscosities. The lower the viscosity the less resistance to the transmission of the information,

2 A society which is open and which speed of the spread of the information encourages creativity is likely to have a high rate of innovation and new information generation. The repressive society will have a thick sludge which will restrict innovation and exploration and the generation of new information.

3 This viscosity is represented in the model by the shade of colour used. One way to envisage the ethos is to see the atoms and molecules as operating in bowls of fluid of different thicknesses.

4 It should be noted that it is possible within the bowl of liquid to have variations of viscosity with streams which allow of areas of accelerated innovation even within high viscosity repressive regimes.

Ethos ASPECT 2

The fluid or ethos in which the information molecules move can also have the characteristic of sensitivity.

This sensitivity will be reaction to the introduction of new molecules of information and can be receptive or rejective and can be indicated in the model by the spectral colour of the ethos


It should be remembered that the shape of the information molecules can add to the restriction or facilitation of new information. This is aspect 3 of Dimension 4 and I will return to this later.

At this time I am in 2 minds as to whether these should actually constitute a separate dimension


And now for the 6th Dimension


Going beyond this present model it is possible to postulate that there may be other information spheres for other communities. It is also possible to postulate that there are channels of communications between spheres.




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