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There is little dispute that Australia is one of the Asthma and Sinusitus capitals of the world.

In 1999 on September 8th Researchers at the prestigious Mayo Clinic announced that they now knew one of the major causes of chromic sinusitus. Where in the past it had been thought that an allergy to fungus was to be the cause of about 10% of cases they had now discovered that it was in fact an immune reaction which was the likely cause of nearly all these problems.

In a test group of 210 patients they found fungus in the mucus of 96% of them. They identified 40 varieties of fungi in the mucus and each of the patients had an average of 2.7 varieties present.

Of the 210 patients 101 underwent surgery to have small growths known as polyps removed from the nasal passages which were hindering breathing. In these patients the researchers found white blood cells cosinophils. These consinophils are used by the immune system to attack the fungi, but unfortunately at the same time they irritate the membranes of the nose.

Stuffy nose, headaches, loss of sense of smell are all symptoms of sinusitius and it is estimated that about 37 million people in the USA are affected.

This information will be found in the journal of the Mayo Clinic Proceedings for September 1999.

This information should be contrasted with the opinion of ComCare and Telstra that there is no effect of Aspergillus on normal healthy people.

The immune response is that of normal healthy people and the symptoms are the same as for those who are allergic.

Comcare must answer the proposition that they are seeking to avoid their responsibilities to claimants due to their known conflict of interest being both the regulator and the insurer.

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