Toxic Mould & TPP at work
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         OH&S Triphenyl Phosphate in Computer Casings & Aspergillus Infection of Air-condition Ducting    
My Sword the Courage to Speak My Shield the Truth

Vogt v Comcare/Telstra (AIRC)

bulletThis case should let all OH&S Delegates see that Comcare, the regulating authority can be challenged
bulletThat even the biggest of corporations can be challenged
bulletThe sources of information for genuine OH&S reps
bulletThe possible dangers of Triphenyl Phosphate and TriCresyl Phosphate as  neurotoxins 
bulletSome of the dangers of all Organo-phosphates in the community & work
bulletProcedures to be followed in the AIRC
bulletChanges needed to law and regulations needed in Health & Safety
bulletResources to give help and understanding
bulletTo give resources to students of Occupational Health and Safety additional resources
bulletTo give students of Industrial Relations food for thought
bulletTo give hope and comfort to those in the future who may suffer from the consequences of exposure to these substances

Key Benefits

bulletCommunity awareness of potential dangers in ill maintained air-conditioning
bulletCommunity awareness of potential dangers in chemicals in some plastics
bulletEncourage the awareness of the need for ordinary people to take back control over their health and political systems



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