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Some of the goals for our new education system will be :

If you want to measure the effectiveness of the education system you have today walk into a video lending library and look for the education section (you can even include the DIY if you like)

Go into the local supermarket and see what proportion of books and video’s are educational

Look at the TV viewing guide and What proportion of programmes are of educational value?

It is indicative of the effect of our systems of education that as soon as students have left it the vast majority avoid intellectual stimulation for the rest of their natural lives. Our education system has been a great success as an aversion therapy system. Like Dr. Strangelove or how I learned to hate learning.


Our education system might be well to reflect the carbon molecule on which all the life we know is based. This molecule is considered as "a loose association between electrons, one which permits a wide variety of synthesis." (Don Fabun You and Creativity)

With species or societies survival is dependent on flexibility, adaptability and creativity and responsibility


Break cycle of poverty

Break cycle of ignorance

Types of teacher

Existing force

Some good with small groups

Some good with individuals

Some have no place in the classroom but may be excellent at writing and designing programs

Good fit for guide and learner

Home visits for those being educated in the home

Schools are community facilities


Learning in the home by computer interaction

In schools in groups 15 - 20

Schools must have computer facilities

Owls and fowls catered for

Evaluation through level achieved

Project and task oriented


Social integration

Schools must become community centres or cultural palaces for the people

Community goals

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