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Global Model 1


Epistemology & Elvirotronics

In order to design a comprehensive and realistic model or blueprint to work with let us propose a poly-dimensional system I shall call Elviratonics

Initially I would propose that:

bulletthe usable shape of total knowledge is a sphere.
bulletThe structure is very like that of the normal universe
bulletthe key unit of knowledge is the information atom (IA)
bulletwithin the sphere individual sentient beings acquire IAs these they will gather together and will become information molecules. They will then form chains.
bulletThese chains become information molecules
bulletMolecules may be stable or unstable, they may be valid or invalid. They may be any combination of these two attributes.
bulletTheir stability will depend on the valency or strength of the bonds between the information atoms
bulletThe valency may be affected by the ethos which surrounds the molecules. The ethos may be considered as another dimension to the model.
bulletAs a new information molecule is formed it will expand the perimeter of the sphere much as a balloon. It would form a protuberance or bump. As long as the initiator holds the molecule the as valid then the bump remains.
bulletThe dimension of communication is now added and is consistent with the dimension of time. If there is communication of the new molecule and the molecule is held by others to be valid or within the ethos desirable then there will be an increase in the perimeter of the sphere of knowledge. The degree of the increase will be dependent on the speed of the transmission and of the nature and viscosity of the ethos.
bulletComplex chains will form elements which have characteristics such as shape and substance.
bulletThere are those chains or molecules which will change some of their properties depending on the nature of the ethos in which they are operating. In particular whether they are fundamental basic molecules or only supplemental or supportive. This supports the propositions concerning alternate universes which ,may have different laws of physics. It also encompasses the situations where there are different structures to logic systems. It could make clearer the relationships between quantum mechanics and traditional physics.
bulletA further dimension is the energy spectrum. This performs a number of functions, amongst these is the "illumination" of the molecules of information. This illumination will interact with the perceptual systems or mechanisms of the organisms or entities. This should be taken into account when considering the perceptual profile of the entity concerned. The perceptual profile could be different from that of the communication initiator and where that is the case then solutions can be sought in another area of this dimension which will facilitate communication and mutual learning.

This area would be of considerable use in dealing with situations where the learner has an impaired perceptual or in dealing with interspecies situations where the entity has a different perceptual mix. One could consider the exercise of attempting communication with octopi or even more so with gymnarchus. The former have multiple ganglia rather than a centralized brain, a non rigid body and use colour and shape for communication, the latter only has vestigial eyes and does not have organs as we know them but instead has a unique electric organ and knows of its world by changes in the electrical potential of the water around it. As the fish gymnarchis lives in the Nile which is the river which has been longest fished in history, a river which is redolent with predators it is a testament to its effectiveness and intelligence.

I should comment here that there is a major difference between learning situations and teaching or training situations. This difference is often not well understood and relates to the direction of flow and strength of the illuminating energy.

This approach enables great flexibility in the design of learning systems. For example one could design a complete educational programme with the starting point and the central chain being for instance, photography. Or one could commence with molecules of physics then link to chains of mathematics rather than the present sequence of rigid discipline chaining. Similarly one could commence with auditing and chain to accounting. Besides being flexible it enables, encourages and facilitates creativity in areas which are more noted for rigidity. It also encourages freedom of thought, and an openness based on tolerance and understanding rather than academic conflict. Furthermore it would encourage what might be termed investigative or exploratory research which is little understood or valued in current educational institutions

A system such as that which I am proposing gives recognition to the way in which humans think and perceive, experience, and learn. It will also permit the introduction of learning systems


A Few Truths along the pathway

And one man in his time plays many parts

The purpose of life is to know all the names of God. Interpret this to mean, to acquire all knowledge

Really intelligence is a combination of a good body of knowledge and the ability to use it in as the occasion demands or creative exploration needs.

Humans are individuals each unique in his or her way.

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