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Aristotlean Model of Total Knowledge


In the western world the giant in the area was Aristotle.

Aristotle the great Macedonian philosopher was born in Macedonia in the city of Stagira in 384 BC Like his father Nicomachus he was a physician. He went to Athens to study under Plato at the Academy.

He returned to the Macedonian court in 343 to teach then Prince Alexander later to become Alexander the Great to speak Greek and to tutor him in general matters.

In 336 Aristotle returned to Athens where he opened his own school at the Lyceum. In 323 in Athens there was much agitation against Macedonians and he was forced to seek refuge in Macedonian Chalcis where he died in 322.

He taught the need for observation and that theory must follow fact. He emphasized that logic was a necessary tool for enquiry.

Though only fragment of his work remain there was much written by his students. The Aristotelan structure of knowledge may be seen as being like the spokes of a wheel radiating out from ignorance into the greater unknown.

I think it is fair to summarize the structure hat arises form his vision as in the following diagram





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