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Whistle Blowing

What is a whistleblower?

Generally a person who has suffered from or is suffering from injustice, corruption, malfeasance incompetence or bullying.

Alternatively the WB may be one who has observed such activities and has sympathy for the victim or victims, or alternatively is purely public spirited.

Most offending organizations involve governments, large organizations and powerful individuals.

The Macquarie Dictionary suggests it is "a person who alerts the public to some scandalous practice or evidence of corruption on the part of someone else"

Hallmarks of WBs are dogged tenacity and a highly developed sense of justice or injustice.



The 15 steps to success

Prime tasks are to prepare

  1. A time line of events (just in point form and without much detail)
  2. A time line of events as you believe your opponents will put the case
  3. If you have not already done so start a diary in which entries are made during or as soon as possible after the events. Have a trusted person sign and date at the end of your entry. The signatory need not read the entry. The purpose is to establish the date and time of the record being made.
  4. If possible insist on having a trusted witness present at all meetings.
  5. If no witness is available or possible email/fax your minutes of the meeting with a statement to the effect that this is your record of the meeting and to give any changes sought to the record by return
  6. Make a neat file of all your original documents.
  7. Make a duplicate file
  8. Give NO originals to anyone including your own lawyer
  9. Talk little,
  10. Listen much,
  11. Record everything,
  12. Verify everything
  13. Make sure you have a number of copies of all documents lodged in other places and at least one copy with us.
  14. Make sure you let as many people as possible know the details of your case wrongdoers hate exposure


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