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Basic Issues
Whistle Blowing

bulletYou are no longer alone         My sword is the courage to speak
bullet                                                                               My shield the truth itself
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Whistleblower Assist

Our Mission

bulletTo provide support and information
bulletTo share skills
bulletTo provide caring and sharing groups
bulletTo foster an open and just society      
bullet To seek justice not just the law

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Company Profile

The principal consultant is Mervyn K. Vogt

GDI&ER, B.Comm., B.Ed., Dip,Ed., A.C.T.T.

A.I.M.M., (Past) M.A.C.E.(Past) MVCAB

His Background

Having left home and school at 14 Mervyn traveled and worked at many places in many jobs. After a near death experience he joined the RAAF and took up his education again.

He has a knowledge of, and has worked in, many industries. Lectured in tertiary institutions and taught in secondary schools. His experience and expertise includes manufacturing, telecommunications, call centres, primary industry and the armed services.

He has stood for parliament a number of times under several banners.

He has made submissions to the Senate on such matters as "The Proposed Sale of Telstra", "The Multilateral Agreement on Investment" (MAI), The Senate "Inquiry into Military Justice" and to the Senate Estimates Committee.

He has made submissions and recommendations to the Occupational Health and Safety Commission regarding sound and noise hazards in call centres introducing the concepts of Communications Theory, and Stress. 

He has made recommendations to the Victorian Law Reform Commission on Privacy .

Mervyn amongst other things was:

Convener of the Expert Committee on Telecommunications Planning (ECET) advising the Director General of Education

Convener of the Committee for Balance in News

Chairman of the Victorian WhistleBlowers Association

A Vice president of the Victorian Teachers Union

He has worked in industrial security and has guarded Roy Orbiston, The Rolling Stones, Larry and the Newbeats, and Prince Philip.

He has taken two landmark cases in the Industrial Relations Commission. The first his own successful case of Unfair Dismissal by Telstra. The second  was the first case where an OHS rep. challenged a decision by Comcare which is both the Commonwealth regulator and insurer on Occupational Health and Safety.

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